Gavin Kaysen Explains the Change From Merchant to Spoon and Stable

You can call it anything you like, just don't call us late for dinner.

Cocktail Week

Dive Bar Power Hour: Ode to Liquor Lyle's

Sure our buddy got arrested that one time, but Lyle's, we can't quit you.

Cocktail Week

Dive Bar Power Hour: West 7th Dive Bar Crawl

Let's go on a magical journey of cheap drinks and questionable company.

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Eater 38

Eater's essential restaurants in Minneapolis

Eater Heatmap

Eater's curated list of what's new and what's hot
Dive Bar Power Hour

Dive Bar Power Hour: Where Rock N Roll Never Dies

"A person can work up a mean, mean thirst after a day of nothing much at all." - Paul Westerberg

Dive Bar Power Hour

Dive Bar Power Hour Starts Now

Celebrating all the no frills drinkeries we love.

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The New DIY Dinner Hack

While we all love testing out new recipes, not knowing whether your meal is going to be successful until after you’ve spent hours preparing and cooking can be very stressful. Not only do you have...


Life Behind the Bar: Jay Ditlevson of The Sample Room

By Mecca Bos Aged to perfection, a professional barkeep who has mastered the art of anticipating your every need after years.


Pop Up Periscope Party: The Torpedo Room Returns

The popular bar within a bar at Eat Street Social returns Tuesday evening.

Eater Cocktail Heatmap

Eater Cocktail Heatmap: Where to Drink Right Now


Kicking Off Eater's Third Annual Cocktail Week

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How Negra Modelo Pairs with All Things Grilled

Grilled meats bring out the toasty flavors in amber lagers, so this installment of Tasting Notes brings us to Bryant Park Grill to sample its classics with Negra Modelo.

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Five Things You Didn't Know About Gavin Kaysen of Merchant

Last week we discovered that Gavin Kaysen, chef and owner of the forthcoming North Loop restaurant Merchant is a bit of a klepto. Since he was in full on Oprah confessional mode, we decided to find...

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Where to Eat for Minneapolis/St. Paul Restaurant Week


Dogwood Coffee Brews in Shinola; Replaces Parka

North Loop boasts the top of the trend restaurants, bars and retail shops, but it wasn't until recently that you could get a decent cup of coffee.


Stick a Fork in Summer: Sandcastle and Sea Salt Closing This Week

The Lake Nokomis concession stand with the excellent beer and wine list will close up for the season tomorrow, while the beautiful seafood by the falls will fade away on Sunday.


The Most Anticipated Beer News of 2014: Surly Taproom Opening December

While craft breweries have been popping up all over, there has been only one that has drawn the rabid hop lover's attention: The Surly taproom is coming.


Nikola Govich Mans the Bar at Saffron

From New York City film school to renowned Minneapolis bartender, Nikola Govich unleashes the new Saffron cocktail menu on a thirsty public.


Pizza Lucé Adds Roseville Location; Expanding Seward Location

The Twin Cities tastiest tattoo-loving pizza chain will open another location.


Red Table Meat Co. Sells Seriously Delicious Cured Meats

You only think you've had great charcuterie. Red Table Meats is a cut above the rest.

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The 38 Essential Minneapolis Restaurants, October '14


Black Sheep Pizza Expanding to Eat Street With Third Location

The coal fired pizzas have earned Black Sheep a legion of die hard fans and soon they will have one more location to frequent.

Eater IDK


The Bachelor Farmer Is Opening a North Loop Coffee Shop

The Dayton brothers den of hipness expands in the North Loop. There's a new sibling lunch spot on the way from The Bachelor Farmer team.


Diane Yang of Merchant Shares Early Planning For Pastry

After making her name with elegant plates with powerful flavors at La Belle Vie, Diane Yang was the much-lauded pastry chef at La Belle Vie before leaving to join the opening team of Merchant.


The Eater MPLS Heatmap: Where to Eat Right Now


Mosaic Cafe Closes Abruptly

The sandwich spot off East Lake Street and Minnehaha Avenue has turned the lights off.


One Year Down The Rabbit Hole

Chef and owner Thomas Kim reminisces on the last year and looks ahead, too. --by Mecca Bos-Williams


The Succulent Seven: The Best Burger and Beer Bargains in Minneapolis

World Changers

How Minneapolis's Restaurant Industry Would Change The World Through Food

How would you change the world through food? Local experts weigh in.

Eater Neighborhood Guide

16 Awesome Bars to Watch Vikings and Gophers Games

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